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3 years ago

Log Repo



I execute automated test runs on a regular basis and need to share the results with my team on a confluence page.


It is sufficient to provide a link to the mht page or other instance of the log

These links need to be permanent, as for compliance they need to be instantly accessible a year or more from now


I'm just curious what other people approach a Log repo is

TC is set to save the last 20 Logs, I can't ask TC to save all logs as this would get very ugly


I would welcome any suggestions

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  • Hi,

    I agree locally I only keep the last 20 longs just for memory reasons. But when executing via CI/CD like Jenkins we can store the MHT results on the jenkins server. I assume this is what you want to accomplish with Confluence? 

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      Something similar as a temporary solution while I am waiting for my Jenkins server


      At the moment I can export the .mht and upload it to my Confluence page but I would like to provide a link rather than increasing the page size on confluence