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6 years ago

Git - Uncommited changes - Unable to pull from repo

Updated to ReadyAPI 2.6.0 recently and already experiencing git issues from time to time with 2.5, now it's impossible to pull from repo. Choosing this an error is shown "There are uncommited changes. Commit or revert..."

The fun part is, "Discard Changes" doesn't work/help. Not before a pull, not after the error about discarding. Saving, reopening, rebooting, nothing helps to be able to pull. I have already reloaded the whole project 3 times to be able to continue working.


Nothing is showing in the logs indicating an error or problems.


ReadyAPI 2.6.0

Build Date: 2019-01-14T14:47:06Z(2261) 57460326ed5636e3c392e5981c683c817f5091d8

  • The solution is to do an extra commit before any other step.

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