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14 years ago

Load Testing - Warnings in record playback

I have recorded a scenario and then tried executing that, got warnings for requests that are trying to interact with application server.

Below are the scenario details: 

a.  Start Recoding (Clicking the Record an HTTP Task button located on the Recording toolbar)

b.  Type/paste URL and press enter, which loads ‘Login’ page

c.  Enter user credentials and hit login button

d.  Navigate to required page by clicking a link

e.  Click on a button, wait until ‘New’ page is loaded

f.   Stop recording


Recoding was successful.

Note:  we connect to VPN(Provided by customer) to acceess application.

Then tried to Execute the recorded Traffic, that gave me warnings in log message while interacting with server on different requests.

I have attached few images, hope that would help you.

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  • Hi,

    Few more info i would like to share.

    TestComplete Version - 7.52 - Enterprise

    The authentication type to be able to interact/access server is NTML as i got info(below) from customer.

    " its IIS is using Anonymous user access. Authentication is stored on web server with a special account we set up"

    I'm not sure about "Auto-Updated Parameters" if i have done it correctly.Please refer the image i have attached.

    Note: After playback, when i went back to application and checked i found nothing has changed at application level (which probably because of warnings in execution log).

    Any help will really be appreciated...


  • Hello Awadh,

    The Warning state for a request means that the actual server response code differs from the recorded server response code.

    To tell something definite, I need to see your task and the execution results. Please zip your entire project suite and send it to me.