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2 years ago

Latest TestComplete and Android 12? For Mobile apps...

Hi folks, using TestComplete 15.41....

I have a number of tests that tests include mobile app (Samsung Tablet) ... they always ran fine (Legacy)... have now replaced that older tablet... and have one running Android 12.


Now, when I try to Show the Mobile Screen, I get:


 Unable to get screenshot from device

Check that: 

FLAG_SECURE is not set in display settings

SurfaceView is not #setSecure

FLAG_SECURE is not set in LayoutParams of a window


The  above  appears on the display after I click the "Show Mobile Screen"

I did a quick check to see if there were any TC Patches available etc... could not see any.


Am assuming the latest version of TC does NOT support Android 12?  Its not our app, as when I connect the older Tablet (which I believe is running Android 10... don't have it in front of me to validate) all is well.  But Android 12, no go?


Any help or suggestions appreciated.


                                 Ron F.



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