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5 years ago

Keyword test: Auto-Wait Timeout always used instead of WaitProperty's WaitTime value

I have a Keyword test with an On-Screen Action WaitProperty with a WaitTime value set. 

On playback, TestComplete never uses this value. Instead, it always uses the Auto-Wait Timeout value.

There must be a way to use the WaitProperty value, right? Anybody know how to do this?






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    Check and make sure that your WaitTime is actually of type Integer.  You can click the ellipses to the right of the value and see the properties.

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      Also, note that you're trying to call "WaitProperty" on an object to check for visibility... it's entirely possible that, when you call "WaitProperty", the object may not actuall exist yet.   You should use If Object Exists to check existance of the object BEFORE you attempt to call any other methods on that object.  This is, in my experience, the first thing that needs to be corrected in these situations.

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      Thanks for the help, Marsha_R,  tristaanogre!


      CliffYoung, do the suggestions help you resolve the issue? please let us know if you need any more assistance.