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7 years ago

Keys()-function broken in TC 12.4 x64

I use TestComplete to test a Delphi VCL application. After upgrading to TestComplete version 12.4 I noticed that the x64 version fails to execute a TEdit.Keys() command properly. In the x86 version everything still works fine, but the x64 version will not input anything into the TEdit and post an "Incomplete keyboard input"-warning to the log.

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    What happens if you change "Keys" to "SetText"?  Unless you actually need to simulate keyboard events against the control, SetText will work just fine for entering values into an edit field.  I know this doesn't exactly resolve your problem, but it is a work around.


    Additional question: Your application under test, is it a 32-bit app or a 64-bit app? It's possible that there may be a bit of a performance problem for TC x64 to send key commands to a 32-bit control.  In any case, try SetText... and I would also suggesting opening a support ticket directly to SmartBear customer service as they will be able to help more with technical issues in the tool.

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      The reason I use Keys instead of SetText is because this type of edit component does not appear to have that function available.

      Our application under test is indeed a 32 bit app, so that might be part of the problem as you say. For now I'll just stick with the 32 bit version of TC, but I thought it would be useful to report this issue.

  • Hi Sander,


    I would like to let you know that we were able to identify the issue you are facing and have a fix for it. Please contact us to get the fix.