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11 months ago

Is pCloudy supporting TestComplete ? anyone tried?

Hey everyone,

I’ve heard that pCloudy might be supporting TestComplete now. Has anyone explored this integration yet? Would love to hear about your experiences and any insights you might have.

Thanks in advance!

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    So, according to the documentation referenced by rraghvani, TestComplete should be able to connect to the devices hosted in pCloudy and, as those devices are Appium-controlled, I would expect that TestComplete's web tests can be executed in pCloudy environment.


  • *Integration with pCloudy:*

    Attaching a link to the documentation that guides users on how to integrate TestComplete with pCloudy. This implies that there's a structured process in place for users who wish to combine the capabilities of both platforms. The purpose of this integration is to allow users to run their existing TestComplete scripts on real devices provided by pCloudy.
    2. *Benefits of the Integration:*
       By integrating TestComplete with pCloudy, users can leverage the automation capabilities of TestComplete while also benefiting from the real device testing environment that pCloudy offers. This can lead to more accurate and comprehensive testing results since real devices can often present unique challenges and scenarios that emulators might not.
    3. *Pre-requisites for the Integration:*
       Before proceeding with the integration, there are certain requirements that need to be met:
       - *TestComplete Configuration:* Users need to have TestComplete already configured on their local machine. This means they should have the software installed and set up for their specific testing needs.
       - *pCloudy Registration:* Users must be registered on pCloudy, indicating that an active account on the pCloudy platform is necessary to access its features.
       - *Uploading the Application:* The application that is to be tested should be uploaded to the "My data" section on pCloudy. This ensures that the application is readily available for testing on the platform's real devices.
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    The Cloudy platform supports test automation on multiple devices in parallel. Below are the test frameworks that are supported for the Android platform. You just need to select the Test platform, Choose the application MyBalanceNow under test, Test Suite, time to run on a single device and test cycle name.