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9 years ago

Does TestComplete 10.50.2702.7 support IE11?

My TestComplete version is 10.50.2702.7 and my browser version is IE 11. 


The script replay will fail even for the very simple script from recording.


Currently the namemapping looks like this. The page object canot be found in the current namemapping. 


Set table = Aliases.theBrowser.IEFrame.FrameTab.tabpage.panel.panelHttpsTestAdjudicareNetLogin.paneAdjudicare.table.cell.table


It used to be like this:



Is that because my current TestComplete Version doesn't support the IE11? Please advise.

Here is the script that I recored when searching "google" from Google website. The script fails after I click "Run Current Routine".


Sub Test12

Dim iexplore

Dim pane

Dim comboBox

Dim grouping

Set iexplore = Aliases.theBrowser

Set pane = iexplore.IEFrame.FrameTab.tabpage.panel.panelHttpsWwwGoogleCa.paneGoogle

Set comboBox = pane.groupingGoogleInstantIsUnavailab.comboboxSearch

Call comboBox.ClickR(343, 15)


Call comboBox.Keys("g")

Call pane.groupingIMFeelingLuckyGoogleIMFe.comboboxSearch.Keys("oo")

Set grouping = pane.groupingIMFeelingLuckyGoogleIMFe2

Call grouping.comboboxSearch.Keys("gle")


End Sub
  • You have no Web Testing plugin installed. Try to add tcOpenAppsWeb.pls and tcOpenAppsWeb2.pls modules or simply reinstall TestComplete.

  • You don't have the Web module installed.  Modify your installation


    Control Panel | Programs and Features | SmartBear TestComplete 10 | Change | Modify


    (Unselect then) select the Web module.

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    9 years ago

    I tried to modify my installation. It's working now!


    Thanks for your help!

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    TC supports IE11 since version 10.0


    What kind of error did you receive?

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      Thanks for your reply.


      The problem is:

      1. I created a new project suite by using my TC 10, then recorded a VBScript routine. Now all web elements cannot be captureed.

      For example, I recorded the senario:


      Click the seach textbox in Google website-> Type "Hello"-> Press Enter key.


      The scripts which were recorded are below. The webpage and its objects cannot be captured. All the action is not based on the object. Instead, it's based on the position of Aliases.iexplore.wndIEFrame.FrameTab.TabWindowClass.ShellDocObjectView.InternetExplorerServer





      2. When I use the "Object Spy" to check any web element in a webpage, i.e., "Googl Search" button in Google websit, it can only capture the whole page. Please see the screen shot.



      3. Also when I try creating a new project, I noticed "Functional testing of web pages" application type is disabled. Is that because the web testing plugin is missing? The web functional testing used to work well.




      Please advise.Thank you!