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2 years ago

iOS Mobile testing with physical device

Hello, our project mostly works in Windows, but we're now developing the iOS version of one of our apps. I have no experience with mobile testing, so for those who do, I would like to ask the following questions before I go through the 300 pages of documentation from the Smartbear page:


1- Can I connect an iOS physical device to a Windows desktop device and execute TestComplete from the Windows device to perform actions on both machines?

2- Can I integrate an iOS physical device to a remote desktop with Windows and execute TestComplete from the Windows remote desktop to perform actions on both places?



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  • Hi TCYKPB 


    1. Afraid not, TestComplete uses Appium to connect to mobile devices whether they are physical or emulator; to test iOS devices using the Appium iOS driver XCUITest you need to run on a Mac machine. However, you can set this up on a Mac and connect to the Appium server managing that device from TestComplete on Windows. Alternatively, you can use BitBar to access our iOS devices directly from your local with no configuration needed.
    2. Further to the previous point; yes, you can run tests on a remote device. For example you could configure a remote Appium server and run your tests from a CI tool eg Jenkins. Or again you could use our device farm, BitBar.

    Hope this helps