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8 years ago

iOS 10.0 support in TC 12.10 - failing to instrument the ipa

Hi All


Any one have any luck instrumenting your app using 12.10 which is suppose to support iOS 10.0.


I am getting an "Unspecified error"  during instrumenting using the exact same 4 credentials that worked in 12.0.


I opened a support ticket and upload our ipa file.





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    Hi Nathan,


    I am not working with iOS at the moment but will appreciate it if you update us with what you will end up with Support...

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      We have fixed this issue and created a patch. 

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    Can anyone confirm they have instrumented an ios app with TC12.1, and run and tested the app on ios 10? 

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        Thanks Alex,

        I just wanted to get confirmation that people were having success testing apps under ios10.

        I've got a version of our app instrumented and can test it pretty well under ios9,

        but i was checking to see if the kinks had been ironed out regarding ios10 before taking the 

        leap to 12.10


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      I got a patch from Smartbear support. Please ask them, once I installed the patch it works.