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11 years ago

Instances of an Object in Multiple Tabs - Same Mapped Name...

Referring to the images below, I need to test features in the History panel at the bottom of the "Work Queue" tab and then open a "Watch List" tab and test the Workflow History panel the same way.  Everything works well in the Work Queue tab, but when I switch over to the Watch List tab and try to test the Workflow History panel I get errors saying there is an "Overlapping Window" with a screenshot of the Watch List History panel.  I think TC is trying to access the Workflow History panel of the Work Queue tab, but both panels have the exact same MappedName and FullName.  How can I get TC to recognize the new one?  It works if I close the first tab, but part of the test is keeping that tab open.

I'm working with WinForms

Work Queue Tab

Watch List Tab