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4 years ago

Installing Test Complete License manager on VMWare

Hi Folks,

  I see a few posts about the need for a physical box for the install of License manager and the CPUID etc but no actual details for its setup on VMWare specifically. We currently have 3 parts to our setup:


1) Developing license (seated), each QA will install it on their primary machine.

2) Test execution - floating license, can run on VM's

3) License manager


For this question I only care about License Manager. With Covid we are shrinking our physical footprint which means I need to move everything I can into a virtual environment. For us I have a VMWare infrastructure up and ready to go. This consists of 3 Physical Hosts (we are fairly small) with very decent specs. Each host is identical, the VM We will be hosting License manager on will be Server 2019 Datacenter.


What if anything do I need to set within either VMWare Host settings or Inside the guest OS to make this function and not break due to license evaluations/checks within the software?


I would really appreciate specific's within VMWare, I am astonished the software does not have the ability and/or recommendation to be installed on a VM. I understand the need to protect licenses but there must be a better way to make this easier on your customers too.


Any and all help appreciated.



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    I just completed a move of my License Manager from a physical desktop to a Hyper V MS 2019 Server.


    I worked with my IT department to be sure my session what setup accordingly to the below requirements:

    *The VM UUID (The machine cannot be cloned)
    - This will not happen when implemented

    *The MAC address (The network card cannot change)
    - IT will have to establish a static IP/MAC address for this Hyper-V session

    For VMWare (Capture your MAC address - On a restart, etc. does it change?)

    *CPU type (The VM cannot be moved and run on a different physical host)
    - Hyper-V image/template CPU type is configured per our requirements
    - This should not change (unless you move your VMware session?)

    If you can test out the above on your VM that will be your License Manager,

    and the above items are static from restarts, etc. testing -- then you should not have a problem.

    Do discuss further with SmartBear support, if needing extra guidance.

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      Thanks James, I reached out to SmartBear support and was sorely disappointed. Unfortunately they were no help at all other than reiterating what we knew already. According to their support folks they don't/didn't actually write the software for this it's created by Thales.


      So I have opened a ticket with VMWare to find out exactly what needs to be set and where inside VMWare v7u1 to make this function with their restrictions.


      I am still hoping one customer has set this up in VMWare though and can provide specifics for us. With the way Covid is hitting the planet I think VMs are going to be very important; At least for our small infrastructure we will have 0 physical boxes (excluding VM Hosts) in the new office space and I imagine many other companies will be following suit this year.