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2 years ago

I just want to know Is there a way in Testcomplete to efficiently compare two test log files?

I have two TestComplete log files of different runs of the same test script, both contain some errors in it. The test script's code has been changed slightly between the runs. Probably the application behaves correctly and the test script is wrong, so I want to compare the two log files side-by-side to figure out how could I correct the script. When the first log is open and I open the second one, it opens in the same window the first was open in, though. Having to switch between the logs is cumbersome and makes my work too slow. I am aware of the option to export the log files and view them in my browser, but then I would lose some editor features such as clicking on a line in the log file to jump to the adherent code in the test script. I am specifically looking for an option to do it in the editor. Is there a way to compare the two log files in the TC editor by having them show up at the same time side-by-side, in two windows?