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10 months ago

I can't run a Test using Azure Devops Pipeline

I'm trying to run a test through the Azure Devops pipeline using TestExecute

The Pipeline is communicating with the Agent because when executing the Pipeline, TestComplete/TestExecute is opened but after a few seconds it is closed without executing any test

Here is the Pipeline code I created:


- master

  name: TesteAutomatizado

- task: VisualStudioTestPlatformInstaller@1
    packageFeedSelector: 'nugetOrg'
    versionSelector: 'latestPreRelease'

- task: InstallTestCompleteAdapter@1
    accessKey: '**'
    logsLevel: '0'
    searchMode: ExecutionPlan

- task: VSTest@3
    testSelector: 'testAssemblies'
    testAssemblyVer2: '**\Azure.pjs'
    searchFolder: '$(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)'
    testFiltercriteria : 'Name=TestNotepad'
    vsTestVersion: 'toolsInstaller'


The error is occurring in VSTest



To facilitate support, I created a project with just one test where the user opened the notepad and typed a text

I'm uploading the project to the Driver at the following link: 


In this example I am using a trial license to validate if it works, if it works I will buy a PRO license

If anyone can make it work, send me the pipeline code and a video showing how it works, so I can compare and try to solve my Pipeline

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