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3 years ago

Send Test Results to Azure DevOps W/O pipeline setup?

Hello all,


Is it possible to link TestComplete Test Cases to Azure DevOps without the Test Adapter and pipeline integration?  In other words, I want to run the tests from TestComplete or TestExecute with the Execution Plan instead of running them as part of the build pipeline and link the test results to Azure DevOps for review by others?  If I try to link a test case via the Execution Plan I am unable to log into my DevOps repository,  This could be the only issue I need to resolve.   If the Test Adapter is required and this can only be done via an Azure DevOps pipeline build process I will need to wait until we have other items worked out and in placed.


Thanks everyone,

Scott H.



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    After having an additional discussion with product it would appear that in order to see the results displayed in Azure. In your case since you are unable to use the pipeline then to get the results in Azure you would have to run manually, from the Test Plan hub of your team project.


    Apologies on the misunderstanding. 


    Hope this helps. 


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      My understanding and experience is that all the Azure Devops pipeline setup steps must be completed before the tests can be tracked or displayed in the Azure Devops dashboard.  There is no way to collect the data from the test run otherwise.  I should also add that the tests would have to be executed from Azure Devops either from the DashBoard or via a pipeline.  



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    Looking to make sure I am understanding your need correctly - you would like to run the tests from TestComplete or TestExecute but still have the results post to Azure Test Plans?


    If that is correct this is possible - the test links do not mean that the tests have to be executed from Azure Pipeline. 


    What is the error you are getting when trying to log in?




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    I do not understand this solution and I have a similar issue.

    My company does not want to use Azure Devops to automatically start the TestComplete test scripts, we use another tool to start the TestComplete test scripts using several Execution plans.

    But I want to know if it’s possible to show the TestComplete logs in an Azure Devops Dashboard and how do I do this?