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15 years ago

How to save our project suites and projects from changing in network drive.

Now i have found something new.

I created a project suite , "TestSuite" and a project, "TestProject" in my local c:\.... .

I copied the project suite folder to shared network drive V:\....

I was able to access my project suite  in shared network and execute form there.

I opened my proect suit in local c:\... again and made some changes to the steps of keyword testing.

I observed that it is changing the script in shared network v:\.... also automatically without me saving manually.

I was in the intension that it will not change anything in shared unless i copy or replace the project suite again in shared network v:\.....

The goal is i want to save in shared network drive which is backed up everyday, so that if my system crashes i can retrieve from shared v:\.......

Please let me know what to do.

Also i observed that another person accessed a keyword test from shared v:\.... of my project and added to her project suite as add exixting item. She made couple of changes to that step locally in her c:\ the script was not working in another browser version.

What i saw was it actually modified my keyword test in v:\.... of my project and also i saw that it modified the test in my local c:\.......

I am getting confused here.

If other person wants to add my keyword test as existing item and modify a little bit to work for her without changing my keyword test in my project either in shared network v:\..... or c:\....... what should we do.

Our shared drive will be back up everyday.

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