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15 years ago

How to recognize the pop up browser ?

I have 100's of menu item. When you select an item it will pop up in a
2nd browser or 3rd browser. Common element between parent and child
browser is http://..../mysite/otherpage.aspx

"mysite" is the common item. How will I find the pop up window? I don't know the URL for the new window

I have tried following.

Sys.Process("iexplore", 2).Page("*/mysite/*").exist



none of these approach works. I checked the processor and I only see 1 iexplorer.exe running.

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    Yes it identifies with URL. is there a way to identify other than URL?
  • Hi Antoney,

    As far as I understand, you have multiple Page objects in a single IE process, and you need to find the one which contains the needed item. If so, you can simply call the FindChild method for the IE process and specify the needed recognition criteria - this will make TestComplete find the needed object regardless of its position among child objects of the process (see the "FindChild Method" help topic for more information). Note that the default search depth is 0, and you will probably need to increase the parameter's value according to the depth of your objects tree.