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7 years ago

How to merge Namemapping and Test Items?

Hi There,


I am facing problems with merging Namemapping and Test Items in my project.


Currently there are 3 Auto QAs in my team, and we are all working with the same projects. It's hard for us to find out the difference between namemapping and test item, and also hard for merging too. We are trying our best to avoid to modify these 2 places at the same time, but, this is not the working way.


Is there any suggestions for my situation? How does TestComplete work with multi people?




  • Hi,


    Concurrent development is not supported in TestComplete. (Not sure if any other tool has such support.)

    Merging is always risky and it is a good idea to avoid it as much as possible.

    With the good preliminary tests design, NameMapping does not require intense corrections. So the best approach (as it was already mentioned) is to plan required corrections to NameMapping, do them, store updated file and ask other team members to update their copies to avoid possible differences.

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