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4 years ago

How to map multiple instances of the same form

Hello,   I've got a bit stuck with a test which runs two instances of the same form.   The situation is:   We have a Winforms application which has a form frmInvoice, this is used for a wide ra...
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    4 years ago

    are the invoice forms precisely the same for every single kind? purchase, credit note, etc?

    If not, I'd suggest creating a persisten project level variable, and using those variables as a unique identifier within the name mapping properties of that invoice object within the name mapping repo.

    So at the top , it may say something like (object type- something) for the form, but you can edit and add in additional properties, say perhaps a txt identifer of some kind, that points to that persistent variable that tells testcomplete which invoice form you want to perform the settext or keys operations on.