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3 years ago

How to get an attribute value from Object property

Hi All, 


I have an object which has a property called "InnerHTML" whose values is like <apux-tooltip tooltip="Help" placement="bottom-right"><apux-icon icon-name="help-circle-2" icon-size="medium"></apux-icon></apux-tooltip>


I would like to get the "Help" from this above inner html


How do i do that? Please suggest


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  • Hi Raviavi!


    We map the 'innerHTML' property for objects so you can absolutely retrieve that and use it wherever you like, such as setting a variable value with an objects innerHTML property. 


    The below document explains how to retrieve and assign object properties;


    Can you tell us what you would like to do with the property once it is retrieved? This may help to guide you to a bit more solid solution.

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      I actually need to read each attribute value from innerhtml property after retriving from object..