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5 years ago

error: Attribute paths is repeated

When I try to create a project based on a valid swagger.json file, I get this error message:


      attribute paths.'/project_coordinate_systems/{guid}'(delete).operationId is repeated

      attribute paths.'/project_tree_elements/{guid}/projects'(put).operationId is repeated


If I delete absolutely arbitrary endpoints - not even project_coordinate_systems or project_tree_elements - error messages start to disappear. What is wrong with that?

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    5 years ago


    1. Try to open the swagger json in the below url and see if that shows any errors.


    2. If there is error then you need to check with your team. Otherwise (if the swagger json) has no errors with above, see the ReadyAPI log files while importing the swagger file and contact customer support.

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    Can I get any feedback? I can not test my API because of this bug. swagger file is perfect, it is built by openapi tool and it can be imported to Postman with no errors.

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      Hey Vitamin,

      What version of ReadAPI! are you using?
      What version of Swagger is the file youre trying to import?

      I've imported swagger files without any problem before now, but i also struggled with a certain swagger file cos of the swagger files version. So if your swagger file is perfect i'm guessing a versioning incompatibility at this point without knowing anything else about it.

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        My current openapi version is 3.0.0:


            "openapi": "3.0.0",
            "info": {
                "title": "Test API",
                "version": ""
            "servers": [
                    "url": "http://localhost"
            "paths": {
                "/projects/{guid}": {

        And I'm using the very last trial version of ReadyAPI. I wanted to check if it meets my needs and if so, I could migrate from trial to a pro version. But I could not even load absolutely valid swagger file.