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9 years ago

How do we get test execute working with a jenkins slave service on a windows machine?

We now use the test complete pluggin for jenkins (which is awesome), but have not figure out how to get it working with a jenkins slave installed as a service.  Until now, the way we get tests to launch is by starting a vm and logging in.  A batch job starts a jenkins swarm slave and leaves the cmd window open while running.  We disconnect (not log off) for the environment to run tests utilizing test execute.  Now with the pluggin, there is an option to 'run interactively' and specify a user there.  I expected that I could install the jenkins slave as a service, and with credentials entered (and me not having a session) that TE would execute using the new option.  Test execute does launch this way, but doesnt appear to do anything. Why is the "run interactive mode" ignored?  




TestComplete] Selected TestComplete/TestExecute installation:
	Type: TE, Version: 11.11.1064.11, Path: "C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestExecute 11\bin\TestExecute.exe"
[TestComplete] [WARNING] The node is connected via Java Web Start (JNLP). In this mode, the "Run interactive user session" property of the TestComplete Test step is ignored. TestComplete (or TestExecute) will work in the current user session.
[TestComplete] Launching the test runner.
$ "C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestExecute 11\bin\TestExecute.exe" D:\jenkins-Slave\workspace\DEV-8.10_Rollups_Perf\FLOWCAL_Regression_Test_Perf


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    Hi @Community,

    Is there anyone who worked on a similar scenario and can share your knowledge?

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      Hi Josh,

        What is the exact command line that you are using to start TestExecute? There may be an issue there.


      Also, what happens if you tell Jenkins to start up the TestComplete IDE, with no parameters? Does it open up in the current user session for you? If that works, then Jenkins is probably configured correctly, and the command line is incorrect, or maybe there's an issue with the project. 


      Feel free to reach out to your account manager to setup a call with us if this doesn't help.




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        I am a little confused about the command line options.  We dont use command line to execute the test... we just use the TC/TE pluggin.   This job is currently using  an open session with the java web start client (not as a service).  When I installed the java slave as a service, the only difference in the test setup is that I check the "Run interactive Session" box and provide it domain credentials.  The project suite specified exists from a git checkout occuring earlier in the jenkins job.  Test Execute is version 11.11.


        Am I missing something?


        jenkins job setup.PNG