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6 years ago

How do I switch between two browser windows?

Hello Everyone,   I have a script where I need to switch back to the previously opened browser window and perform some actions using TestComplete. I tried using the SetFocus() and Focus() method ...
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    6 years ago



    Usually, for web testing with TestComplete, you should work with Page object that is a child of the browser process but not with browser windows.

    With this in mind, just refer to the required Page and it should be activated by TestComplete itself.

    var page1 = Aliases.browser.Page('*');


    // some link/button was clicked that opens new page

    var page2 = Aliases.browser.Page('*');


    // do something within page2


    // switch back to page1

    page1.Button('Create new user').Click();



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    6 years ago

    Yes, we also follow the same approach - POM. And created NameMapping for each page - HomePage, HelpPage, etc.

    Each page can be accessed like -