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3 years ago

How do I clear history in Chrome with TestComplete?

I am new to TestComplete and I need help with clearing the history in Chrome between tests. I have a stage environment that requires a login which I was able to add to my test scenario. However after running the test once the login information is cached so the login box does not pop up on subsequent tests. As a result my test fails when TC can't find the login fields.


I have a similar issue with a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen that requires the user to click a button to accept it. 


Is there a way to either clear cache upon loading the browser, or else prior to closing it?

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  • Hi brownla ,


    I hope you are keeping well.


    A possible solution would be to run the browser in incognito mode. Once you close an Incognito window and open it again, it automatically clears any cache and cookies from the previous session 


    Please see the following posts on how to launch browser in incognito mode;




    Please let me know if this resolves your query or if you have any additional questions.