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8 years ago

Chrome does not react on TestComplete 12

Hi all, 


This morning i upgraded to TestComplete 12.  After that,my scripts that worked fine on TC11 don't react to Chrome anymore.

I can see in the log that 'The browser is already running' (which is not true by the way) and then he tries to navigate to a page, but never reaches it as Chrome never (visible or invisible) opens.


Any one with the same problem?


Basically this is the code: 


BrowserItems = CreateVariantArray(0, 2)
Set BrowserItems(0) = Browsers.Item("iexplore")
Set BrowserItems(1) = Browsers.Item("chrome")
Set BrowserItems(2) = Browsers.Item("firefox")
browserindex = VarArrayLowBound(BrowserItems, 1)
While browserIndex <= VarArrayHighBound(BrowserItems, 1)
Call BrowserItems(browserIndex).Run
'Opens the specified URL in a running instance of the specified browser.
Call Browsers.CurrentBrowser.Navigate(Project.variables.TestURL&"/dashboard")
log.message("browsed to Dashboard")
Call Sys.Browser.Page(Project.variables.TestURL&"/dashboard").wait
'Wait till page is existing
Loop until Sys.Browser.Page(Project.variables.TestURL&"/dashboard").Exists
log.message("dashboard loaded")


' do stuff


Call Aliases.browser.BrowserWindow.Close(5000)


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    8 years ago

    Hi Adam, 


    Meanwhile, I was helped correctly with the SmartBear Servicedesk.

    It seemed that i (unwantingly) deleted a counter, which should have made me jump to my next browser (chrome) but instead, he relaunched my first browser (ie).

    As we all know, the process of IE takes a time to close down, so when starting up the next (cross-browser) tests, it detected 'browser already running' (as that was IE closing down) and did not want to continue. 

    I mistakenly thought Chrome was not recognised. 


    Meanwhile all problems have been solved and TC 12 is working as steadily as before. So no need to be afraid of switching to TC12.


    Hope it helps!

    Good luck.



    PS. to help everyone. The last three lines (in the above code) should have read: 


    browserindex = browserindex + 1

    Call Aliases.browser.BrowserWindow.Close(5000)


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    Check that Chrome is not set up to leave its process running when closed (Settings | Advanced Settings | System | Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed).

    Does this help ?

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      Hi Alex, 


      Thanks for your response.

      Unfortunately, this is not the solution to the problem :-(


      Meanwhile i tried different things upto a complete reinstall of TC and Chrome on my machine (including a reboot after deletion). It won't help.


      Luckily, I have TC11 still on my PC. I can continue to work, as TC11 does my scripts without hesitation (also the Chrome browser parts).


      I logged an incident with the helpdesk. I'm intrigued why this is not working for TC12.... and wondered whether there are no fellow testers having the same problem....


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        I did not have the problem you mention with Chrome, but I didn't try TestComplete 12 with Chrome. I did run into a problem with TestComplete 12 and IE though, and like you I logged a support issue and have stayed with TestComplete 11 for now. I mention this since you were asking for other user experiences and I am on the forum looking for other people's experience with TestComplete 12. I'm interested in moving to TestComplete 12 but so far i'm getting the feeling I should expect to wait for the next minor update to fix some problems.