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11 years ago

Chrome 31 patch for TestComplete?

I was wondering when the TestComplete patch for Chrome 31 is coming. It's been about a month since 31 was released.



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    Hi Jeff,

    TC 9.31 works fine for me with Chrome 31 out of the box.

    What version of TC are you using?
  • 9.31.3889.7

    In general it's working but there are some issues with objects in iframes that I'm running into and I guess I assumed they were related to 31. The same code worked in 30 and also currently works in FF.

    For example, I can't spy elements inside an iframe on our test site in Chrome 31 but I can in FF.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the response. I investigated further and found that it has to do with a cross-domain IFRAME. Once the IFRAME src is on a different domain, TC can no longer see inside it in Chrome 31. Chrome 30 and FF, etc. still work fine.

    Here's a sandbox example of what I'm talking about.

    Frame 1 and Frame 2 are both cross-domain IFRAMEs. If you use object spy, you cannot see any HTML elements inside either of the IFRAMEs.

    Our page that has this issue is a payment page on an internal only site so I can't send you that link but I repro'd the issue with the above link.


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    Hi Jeff,


    I've registered this behavior in our bug-tracking system. Let's wait for the feedback from our R&D team. I'll keep posting the news here.