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4 years ago

Hints for searching or combining test logs

I've got a list of recent test logs in a project, and I'd like to perform a search for events or strings.  1) Is is possible to search more than one log at the same time? 

Also, I'd like to combine logs from recent test runs into a project so I can see them in a list and perform the same search from my first question.  I'd like to select a list of log folders, maybe.  2) Is there a way to open more than one Desription.log file at once?


Let me know how you like to analyze logs, thanks for your help.


If others agree that analyzing multiple logs is useful, we might try to get a related feature request implemented: Please allow the open log file dialog to multi select .log files.  

  • We have written a script to search for needed details in the testcomplete logs and also align timestamps from other logs.

    I have realized that my workflow runs TestComplete scripts in a one-off fashion and not through the test items runner, so my logs tend to be more disjoint.

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      Examples of searches on test logs: 


      1. Any result that I'm interested in accumulating the quantity of over time or more than one test run.

      2. I use a lot of Log.Message() to print interesting states and strings. Analyzing these after the test run is my question.

      2. quantify the number of exceptions over time.  or finding specific types of exceptions.

      (I'm certain everyone can think of a variety of searches they might perform on the historical record of test logs)


      For one log at a time the interface seems to work well, but if two logs are related, any operation must be done to each log.  Can logs be combined into one big log?