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5 years ago

Have to remap objects everytime I run

Most of the objects in my VB application are mapped as one of below format: (the highlighted part is property name and the other is property value). 


  1. NativeVBObject txtMiddleName
  2. Name VBObject("txtMiddleName)


But on rerunning, the objects are not identified and on remapping, it asks intermittently to change the mapping to other format i.e. if 1st format is used, it asks to use format 2nd and vice versa. This happens intermittently. Refer attachment.


Please suggest me a solution as I am spending time to remap objects after every run.


Note: TestComplete and my app version is constant, I have not updated any of them.

  • I started using descriptive approach for identifying elements rather than name mapping. This has helped me to solve the mapping issue for time being.


    Thanks all for their contribution.

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