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6 years ago

getting objects via recurssion

Hello Community members,


I just had a thought acquiriung objects via recurssion. is it possible to do that with test complete ?


for example 

obj name texts - function for storing and returning the texts

then I would like to do it recurssively is it possible to do that ?


any ideas ? please let me know ?


Thanks and Regards

SivaKartheek Sreeram

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    > then I would like to do it recurssively is it possible to do that ?

    Recursive code call is a feature of scripting language and thus it definitely can be done in TestComplete.

    Code template is like this:

    function main()


      value = RecursiveFunction(<param>);



    function RecursiveFunction(<param>)


      param1 = <ModifyParamAsNeeded(param)>;

      // check if recursion should continue

      if (<ShouldContinueWithRecursion(param)>)

        return RecursiveFunction(<param1>);


        return <param1>;



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      Dear AlexKaras,


      Thank you for your reply, I know about the concept of recurssion and how  to do it also but my question is,


      eg. The below is the object 



      is it possible to do above object mapping via recurssion ?


      function for texts


      recursion function returs VCLObject(texts)


      thanks and regards

      SivaKartheek Sreeram


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        You're already accessing them via Aliases... why would you need to use recursion?  Simply map the components you need to use.