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3 years ago

Can't get into Silverligth object

From few days I have a problem to access into SilverLight objects via TestComplete.

I receive only the informatiuon, that files (xap) should be prepared but they are patched correctly because when I'm inspecting them from rdp with other TestComplete and InternetExplorer it works fine.

I've allready:
- reinstalled SilverLight SKD and Client.
- also tried to downgrade IE, but it's seems to be integrated with Windows 10 and I failed with it

Is there any option in TescComplete that could help me with this situation?

Btw, does any1 still testing Silverlight applications?

  • Bump!

    Any one else dare to challange IE/SilverLight?

  • Ok, problem sloved!
    I will change software for testing 🙂 

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  • Hello React - 


    You mention "other TestComplete" where the object recognition is working - are these different TestComplete versions? What are the different environments in which you are seeing the difference?




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      On my PC (which is not working) I have both, 14 and 15 version of TC but on both it was working elier and then stops to work on both xD
      The RPD env (the working one) is virtualMachine. Same Windows 10 but no upgrades (TC and Win) since few months.

      ebarbera any ideas what it might be? 😄

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        It could be your display settings - is everything set to 100% scale?