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7 months ago

Getting object mapping for GUI objects created by MATLB

Test Setup 

1.Test Complete x64 installed with Desk app and Web Module 

more details on setup

1.1. Install for Web Module is defined as the license manager and test complete sees the Web Module but Web Browser Configuration for Chrome is not setup

1.2  SmartBear Test Extension for Chrome extension is not installed.

      Note: Company IT Department will not allow setup of Chrome.

2. MATLAB 2023a is installed.

3. A Standalone Application was created reference

    This result in a executable  name   someproject.exe  

4. someproject.exe was include into test complete project test apps and app was launch.

Note: Message Chromium Embedded Framework detected 


Tried and failed using:



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    7 months ago

    Forward question to smartbear support. 

    Thank you.