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3 years ago

get elements from DOM not page source


I am able to get hold of a JSON object in a script on my page source, this is some datalayer information created at page load.

I do this with a script routine:



function GetDigitalData(){
var page = Sys.Browser().Page("*");
var digitalData = page.contentDocument.querySelector('script[class="dataMapper"]').innerHTML;
return x = digitalData.substring(23).slice(0, -2);

function JourneyData(){
var digitalData = GetDigitalData()
//do something




We then update some of these values using javascript but we do not update the page source at that point.


For eg,

when I read my data from the page source script below, some values are null as expected "is_mobile" in this example as it is set to null at load then updated later:

<script type="text/javascript" class="dataMapper">

 var digitalData = {JourneyData:{is_mobile:null}}; (I've removed some data here)


then some javascript runs setting these values to true/false, in memory almost.


I can see that the values have been updated in the console:















I really need some help in getting hold of these updated values via javascript script routine or the find object function in the keyword tests.

Smartbear support simply advised to use Page.contentDocument but this just gets the page source.

Any help greatly appreciated!


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    3 years ago

    With support from our dev team, we have the following solution, we need to look in the correct window (is also browser specific):


    function GetDocWindow()
    var document, window;
    document = Sys.Browser().Page("*").contentDocument
    // Check if the document.parentWindow property is available
    if (aqObject.IsSupported(document, "parentWindow")){
    window = document.parentWindow
    Log.Message("Document type in use is 'parentWindow'")

    // Check if the document.defaultView property is available
    else if (aqObject.IsSupported(document, "defaultView")){
    window = document.defaultView
    Log.Message("Document type in use is 'defaultView'")
    Log.Error("Unknown browser that doesn't support document.parentWindow or document.defaultView.");

    return window


    function JourneyData(){
    var window = GetDocWindow() //gets the return window object from the above function

    //items to compare eg
    var currency_code = "GBP"

    //execute checks eg
    aqObject.CompareProperty(window.digitalData.journey_data.currency_code, cmpEqual, currency_code)

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  • I think you're making the task harder than it really is.
    First: you read the data from page source and make dynamically change, why? If you know your data structure of JSON, you can create one template and save it in a text file.

    Second: to change data in json does not need JavaScript. Just create the required number of files with the data you want, for example "chandet_JourneyData_1.txt" -  your TestCase 1...

    Finally, to apply this data, use aqHttp Object.


    //Take JSON from local storage, chandet_JourneyData_1.txt

    var body = ....;


    //POST - Method to send your JSON Data

    var aqHttpRequest = aqHttp["CreatePostRequest"]("your_url");
    aqHttpRequest["SetHeader"]("Content-Type", "application/json");
    var aqHttpResponse = aqHttpRequest["Send"](body);

    //Check status

    if(aqHttpResponse["StatusCode"] == 200)

        //Test - Ok.

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      Hi. Thanks for the response.
      I may have neglected to state that I am trying to implement an automated suite of tests.
      I do not have control of the html source or JSON object.
      I will check the data at page load and then through interactions on the website, which is where I need the 'in memory' changes to the data.
      Hope that helps. Ta
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        SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

        Hi geneticmaterial ! Please share your progress with the Community, did you manage to try this approach?