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9 years ago

Firefox 38.4 released. As usual TestComplete does not support it.

There are no patches available for 38.4 ESR for any version of TestComplete including 11.2.  This is business as usual for TestComplete and you seem to think it's acceptable.  It isn't.


Firefox ESR channel is released on a schedule:


Given the amount of money you charge for this product, it isn't unreasonable to expect you to keep on top of this schedule and release your patches in tandem.  38.5 ESR is scheduled for December 15.  Please make sure your patches are ready to go on that date.

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      Hi Javance,


      As far as I know, our R&D team always creates patches to allow TestComplete to work with the latest browser versions. I think the patch for Firefox 38.4 ESR will be available soon.


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      Thanks for the link to support.  I've submitted a request.  But still, this shouldn't be a support issue.


      If tests are being run daily, of course there is an immediate need. 


      This is a known, scheduled event.  Mozilla has a 6 week release cycle and their release schedule is public.  TestComplete should be releasing patches in tandem.  See above.


      The amount we're paying annually for license fees makes this sloppy coverage unacceptable.  This happens every single time there is a Firefox release.  Every 6 weeks.  Fortunately TestComplete is now working with IE 11 again after failing to work with IE 11 for several weeks due to a Microsoft security patch.  Otherwise I would be completely dead in the water and requesting a partial refund for the time during which the software was unusable.







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        I submitted a ticket and received a response that a version of Firefox that I am not using and did not ask about has patches for a version of TestComplete that I am not using and did not ask about.


        It is November 9 - six days without support for the corporate recommended version of Firefox - ESR 38.4 - in the latest version of your product - 11.2.  I expect someone to contact me now and tell me how this is going to be made right.