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2 years ago

FindEx cant find object by string with newline and other blank char



I have a problem with finding an object by string. I have tried all methods (textContent,ContentText, innerText etc.) but without success.

Does anyone know how to search for this string on the screen..? The problem is that the text is indented using \r \n..


Object properties

My code


function TestTitle(TITLE_2)
  var title = Aliases.Device.Process_androidclientDev.Layout_NO_ID.Layout_action_bar_root.Layout_content.WebView_vmc_screen70_text_title.Page("about:blank").Panel("wrap")
  var title_3 = title.contentText

  var findText = title.FindEx("textContent", TITLE_2, 2);
  Log.Message(findText) // findText is Empty .. object not found


Thank you for your advice!


  • Have you tried putting a wildcard in the front of the string you want?