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4 years ago

TestComplete V14.4 replacing newline characters with Windows newlines (CrLf) in code editor

Hi there

We have recently upgraded to TestComplete V14 from V12, and now every time I open up a project in TestComplete it replaces the newline characters at the end of every line in every file in the file with Windows newline characters (CrLf), and git thinks the entire file has been re-written.


Is there a way to control TestComplete's newline behaviour? Or a way to disable this behaviour?

Is it a new behaviour between TC12 and TC14?

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    Did not noticed that, i use VSCode to write code and then at the end validating into TC.


    No options to set the end line character in TestComplete but it's a good idea to submit (in the options->panels->code editor->editing)


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      I think it might actually be to do with the git newline settings. Still it would be good to be abke to confgiure what the editor does, I will add it as a feature request.


      I think I will stick to VSCode (actually VSCodium) as well.