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5 years ago

Facing problem to send report via email

Hi Facing problem to send report via email.

I have gone through Sending report tutorial for same on smartbear website but not clear with the process.

I can see "Send via E-mail" option above test log but after click on it nothing happend.. How can i specify any mail id where i have to send the report and from which mail id this mail is going.

Can anyone clear this Please?


Also want to know Which one is best way to send a report to client  ? What people mostly prefer to send a report via Test Complete tool?

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    Which tutorial did you follow and where did you get stuck?

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      Good day  Marsha_R..

      Maybe you could help me.. I'm experiencing the same problem .But can't seem to get around it with the Solution posted.

      After the popup to Save the visualizer images and clicking OK. nothing happens. 

      I've got Microsoft outlook for office 365 installed and it is set as the default email application..


      Kind regards








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        Hi JanHG 


        Let's see the part of your test where you are trying to send email.  A screenshot is fine, but please include a few lines before and after this part.