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2 years ago

Error The StoreApps.exe process crashed

Since last thursday (02/23) the error "The StoreApps.exe process crashed." occurs in some of the projects that run on that specific PC. 

The error occurs in different locations but always in the same projects. 

We were using Test Complete I updated to but the error still occurs.



Exception code: 0xC0000409.
Process identifier (PID): 10996.
Dump file: StoreApps_ue_48ccd70a.dmp.


What I tried besides of update TestComplete:

- Update Windows

- Check option of "Enable support for testing Windows Store applications" (it was deactivated and still is)


If the projects are run on a different PC this error does not occur. So it must be related to that specific pc.


Does anyone know how to fix that error? Are there any other settings I have to check?