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4 years ago

Error product license bound to another hardware

Hi,   I've got the following error when starting Test Execute:   "The product license is bound to another hardware. Probably, you are trying to use an inappropriate license copy."   It appears...
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    4 years ago

    If this doesn't help, then contact Support directly


    We recommend activating licenses on physical computers. Using virtual and cloud machines is also possible but may require more effort. When you activate a license on these machines, it becomes bound to the physical computer on which that machine is running. If the virtual machine is moved to another physical computer, TestComplete will refuse to start. Similarly, if a cloud machine is stopped, then, the next time, it will start on a new physical computer, and the check TestComplete performs upon the start will fail. To avoid this, you need to ensure that the MAC address and CPU data don’t change after the virtual (or cloud) machine restarts. See also Using TestComplete on Virtual Machines and Using TestComplete on Cloud Computers.