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7 years ago

Remove product


My company has recently purchased a floating license.

The License Manager has been installed in a Windows server.


When connected to the Gemalto page, in Products it sees the License itself in the computer and besides my local license that corresponds to the period of trial. 

It sees an expired license of TestComplete (trial) and a not expired license of TestExecute (trial) in my computer.


I would like to remove these for the LM to only see the recently purchased floating license.


I cannot do anything thru the menu in Testcomplete as it pop-ups a windows saying:

This is a trial license. There is no need to deactivate it.


What can I do?

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  • Hello,

    Is there a real solution for this issue? Just going to the link provided is of no use.  You try that and you get the message that the original user posted about there being no reason to deactivate a trial license.

    My problem is that I had a trial mobile license.  We then purchased a floating license which is properly activated on our license manager server.  However, my workstation will not recognize the mobile license on the manager server (it does start up with basic license so I know it sees the license server) and gives me an error that my local mobile license is expired.

    Thus, I want to remove these trial licenses and hopefully that would clear up the issue.  However, nobody has given a proper response how to remove these trial licenses.

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      You must start License Manager (install it if it is absent on your machine) and uninstall the license from your local machine.

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        Alternatively, you can tell the license manager of your machine (https://localhost:1947) to point to your centralized license manager.  Go to Configuration | Access to Remote License Servers and put the IP address of your remote machine into the search parameters.  IIRC, that should force your local machine to point ONLY to that remote server rather than your local license keys.

  • Hello and thanks for your replies - albeit neither one was the answer.  I already had the license server targeted in configuration and you can not uninstall a trial license (the original issue).


    I performed a "Repair" of TestComplete and that seemed to do the trick.  Must have been some setting buried down somewhere.