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5 years ago

Edge v80 is not being recognized when I attempt to execute tests

TC : 14.30.3743.7 x64

Edge version: v80.0.361.69

Windows 10 Enterprise v1803


I followed the steps from here:


I have made sure that all settings are set as described in the above article.


My experience so far is I can run Edge, but onceit is running it is no longer recognized by TestComplete. I am getting a Waiting for Sys.Browser("edge") message, and shortly after it fails. The log shows Unable to find the object Sys.Browser("edge"). See Details for additional information.  The only thing in details is The object with the specified attributes does not exist.


I am using keywords test.


Under the Possible Issues With Web Testing , I found the below script and attempted to run that when I started my test. That did not work either.  It could never close Edge, but all other browsers worked.


var edgeBrowser = Sys.WaitBrowser("Edge");
if (edgeBrowser.Exists)


I have also attempted to Object Spy in Edge, and that does not work either. Has anyone else ran into this same issue, or have a solution?

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