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    Thanks for checking the link, Community!


    Hi Stevan, I was able to load the page as expected. Could you let me know if you are still experiencing issues? And, if so, what error do you get after clicking the link you provided? Screenshots would help greatly. Thank you. 

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      Thanks - I was finally able to get it to work after working with our Network guy. 


      Im hoping you can answer my question,  a couple months back I was working on the TestComplete 101 certification. Well I didn't pass the exam and I wanted to watch the course video again but it is not allowing me. The only option  is to re-attempt the test.


      How can I go back and watch the overview video again?




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        Hi Stevan !

        Yes, our course videos are totally rewatchable. Could you help me understand which video you would like to rewatch?

        The TestComplete 101 certification course itself doesn't contain any videos - this is just an exam.