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6 years ago

[Day 4/5] APIvsUI Testing - What is your ideal UI testing process?

Hi Guys,


I hope you enjoy the conversations we are having at the API Testing vs UI Testing competition. Your UI Team is the leader at the moment. However, we have 2 more days to go, and the API Team can take the lead any day. So, keep contributing :) You are on the right track!

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Day 4 Task:

Describe how an ideal UI testing process should look like


Here is what you can cover in your reply:

Describe the process you have at work.

Is there anything you would like to change in your process?

What steps should a successful testing process have?

Do you use any KPIs to measure your testing process? Which ones?


Leave your comments here.


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Event Rules

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  2. The competition will be held on March 25-29.
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    1. Meeting with QA leads to list down the priority list for modules to automate
    2. Meeting with Product Owners and Development team to get an overview & business flow of the module
    3. Assign a/group of Automation, Do a manual flow of the module and the scenarios being discussed at the last meeting and create automation test scenarios. (There will be some scenarios which cannot be automated which will be marked as Not Applicable and moved to the manual testing team)
    4. Review the automation test scenarios with Product Owners and QA leads.
    5. Once automation test scenarios approved, new Jira Test and a related branch in Bitbucket will be created
    6. Map the objects into the Name mapping
    7. Script development
    8. Test run
    9. Create Pull Request in the Bitbucket
    10. Pull request will be reviewed by QA leads and co-automation testers
    11. Once Approved, will be merged to the release branch
    12. Add module keyword to Run properties so that it will be taken to execution part of Jenkins scheduler 
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    Describe the process you have at work.

    Almost no automation when I got here and there's no unit testing.  Some devs test a little and some just throw the code over the wall. I support two teams, one web and one .Net.  The web product had some automation and I added on to it, but database has changed already and UI is going to change so all that is now useless.  Starting over with that.  .Net product is old and is sloppy as far as naming objects because it predates automated testing so they saw no need for names or ids.  I make a little progress there and then have to wait for a dev to update objects so I can see them.  

    So testing atm is manual.  Look in the backlog, see what's coming and if there is documentation (usually not) or existing test cases (sometimes).  Chase down the dev for a demo. Write test cases we need.  Get that testing done and pass it on for deployment.  Put that in the backlog for automation.  


    Is there anything you would like to change in your process?

    Everything?  Lol.  We are moving towards agile but so far that's just getting us sprints and not getting me any details in tickets.


    What steps should a successful testing process have?

    Communication.  That covers everything I want.  


    Do you use any KPIs to measure your testing process? Which ones?

    There's a count of how many tickets everyone closes (devs and all) but I don't know if anyone actually looks at it.  I'm moving up the list.  :)

  • Clear list of requirements

    Meeting with team to design the program and consider all elements and test-case scenerios

    Time to develop Version 1 PoC

    Scale to cover entire app for Version 2

    Run completed Test Case on new releases for regression testing

    Any errors report to JIRA Card

    Update test-cases as needed