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6 years ago

[solved] Process respone value.

I would like.
Determine a value from the respone.
($ [ 'FAQHistory'] [0] [ 'id'])
Continue processing this value with property transfer.
(as HistoryID)?

How does it work?
Can you help?

Thanks Ralf

  • Thank you for the details.

    Would you like to show the FAQ-Article (Target) request, to which you want to transfer the value?

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    May be a dummy response (resembling to your response) would help to look into it for others. Please add details.
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      ok, but myenglish ist not good. ;-)



      {"FAQHistory": [{
         "CreatedBy": 1,
         "Name": "Created",
         "ID": 153,
         "Created": "2019-01-14 12:35:11",
         "ArticleID": 52

       extract ID:


      and now i will the ID transfer.

      For a GET function. xxx/xxx/ID


      Unfortunately this is not possible.
      Can you help me?
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        It actually looks alright.


        I used your attached response and tested it with exactly your JSONPath and it works for me.