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6 years ago

[solved] check response attrtibutes


can i check "REST" API response attributes for specific values.

The attributes should be tested on 2-3 matches.

Can you help me?

I hope it is understandable. My English is not very good.


Best regards   rrbs

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    Hi yes you can, you can use Assertions on the responses for that

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      ah, ok.

      I have the following response:

      {"LinkType": [
            "Pointed": 0,
            "TypeID": 1,
            "Source": "Ticket",
            "Target": "Ticket",
            "TargetName": "Normal",
            "SourceName": "Normal",
            "Name": "Normal"
            "TypeID": 2,
            "Source": "Ticket",
            "Pointed": 1,
            "TargetName": "Child",
            "SourceName": "Parent",
            "Name": "ParentChild",
            "Target": "Ticket"

      and I would like to check the following attributes:

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      Hi all,


      mgroen2Radford, thank you for your replies!


      rrbs, is your question answered? If so, could you please mark the reply that answers your question as Solution so that other users could find it easier?


      Or, do you have any additional information for us?