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6 years ago

Data Driven Loop - How to break and proceed to next item in the data list - No coding involved



I have a data driven loop which has say User 1 and User 2 data.


User 1

1. Step1

2. Step 2

3. Step 3


User 2

1. Step 1

2. Step 2



Now, the steps are to proceed sequentially and if anything breaks, then i want the loop to go to User 2 data and proceed. What setting s i have to modify this to occur? I do not want to do coding for this. Any settings change will take care of this?

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  • Without the exact detail, I could suggest that a posible solution would be to use a Label, say [User2] and go to label.  You would still have to use statements such as if..then or even try..catch to trap all the ways the tests could go wrong.  Then, in the else/catch you put in a go to label [User 2]