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7 years ago

Data-Driven Loop

I have created a Data-Driven loop to read a .csv file.  For each record read, I want to use the data as a parameter for a TestedApp. I have tried many different things to no avail.  Any suggestions?   Thanks in advance!

  • OK... I see your problem.  Change the line I've marked in bold


    Data Driven Loop (I read 5 records in the csv file.For each loop 

        Run Code Snippet:  TestedApps.WWCabinetDoorOrder.Params.ActiveParams.CommandLineParameters =      KeywordTests.TransferOrders.Variables.LoopOrdersToTransfer.Value(0)  

        Run Code Snippet: TestedApps.WWCabinetDoorOrder.Run()


    Note the parenthesis on the "Run" method.  In my reproduction, if you don't have that, the application runs, but it doesn't use the parameters.

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    It helps if you tell us what you tried, what happened when you did that, and what you expected to happen instead.  

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    What kind of TestedApps you are using? It differs for each type. like Java WebStart, Windows App

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      Within the Data Loop, I run 2 code snippets.


      1.  TestedApps.WWCabinetDoorOrder.Params.ActiveParams.CommandLineParameters = KeywordTests.TransferOrders.Variables.LoopOrdersToTransfer.Value()


      2.  TestedApps.WWCabinetDoorOrder.Run


      It seems to be skipping #1, but executes #2 correctly for each record in the loop. The parameter is stored in the .csv file that is read in the loop.  I just don't know how to load that parameter before executing #2.


      This is a visual studio .net desktop executable.




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        You have this:



        But... value of what? When doing a loop like you're doing, the Value method has a parameter to indicate what column within the source data you want to obtain the value for.  You're missing that parameter.