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8 years ago

Data Driven Testing - in Soapui Free version

Can some one please help me how to perform Data Driven Test in soapui opensource for SOA application.







Thank You,



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    Open source SoapUI does not provide out of the box user interface to create Data Driven Tests. This is a PRO version feature (see this tutorial).


    However, you can make a groovy script to loop at the test case level and in each run retrieve data and invoke the target service. You can get data from filesystem, database or any other data source and use them to build a service request.


    See the following thread, where looping is explained.



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      Thank you KarelHusa for the reply. 

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        Hi Friends,


        I am using soap ui open source tool and want to do parametrisation.


        I guess this will be done only using groovy scripting.


        My Requirement:


        Have 10 different test data in a excel sheet.

        Need to capture the response for the 10 different test data and ensure the results.


        Could you please help me.

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      Thank you for the reply  Mr Rao