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4 years ago

Consistently Posting About Inconconsistency

I have a very simple script (keyword) that logs onto an application, does a few validations and calls it a day. 
It is a foundation script I call to do other tests. (Certain User Profile)

It runs fine and then a nice weekend away and I get back to work and it doesn't work again. 
sys.browser."iexplore" does not exist.

This is a major sticking point when evaluating this application. It is consistently inconsistent.

I re-recorded the script and it is working fine.  That is contrary to our stated goal as we do not want to keep re recording tests. 

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    4 years ago

    Then perhaps when you come in on Monday, the browser isn't started so the test fails, but when you are running it during the week, the browser is there, having been left over from another test.


    Best practice is to have the test or project open the browser that it needs and then close everything before it exits.  

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    It's difficult to troubleshoot if you've already fixed it.  Next time it happens, let's get some more detailed information in the original post.


    • Give us a screenshot of the test log and the line of the test that failed.
    • Was the test machine shut off and now turned back on since the last time it worked?
    • Did anything change in the system from the last time the test worked?  Browser updates or other updates?
    • Is the test running on a different machine from when it last worked?
    • What has changed?