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4 years ago

Consistency from Script to Script

I am right non somewhat impressed by the product as well as disappointed to the last of real world tips and tools.

Here is a simple little query, How do I maintain consistency from script to script.


For example I have a fairly simple script reading from a spread sheet (purely using navigation) and the script works the first few times through and then I came back later and the script is off by a field or two.



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    I'm going to guess that you've recorded your tests and are using coordinates instead of object names.  Coordinates can change from test run to test run, so it's recommended that you switch to object names in order to avoid that problem.   


    If that's not the issue, then it would be helpful if you post a screen shot of your code, tell us where the failure occurs, and under what conditions.  

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      Thank You. 

      Our directive is to to take a non technical approach and use Keyword scripts. Yes I agree with you and like that there may be on alternative. I am new to this tool and I an testing to see if it meets our objectives.  Is this approach only available through scripts are can it be used in keyword tests.

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    reading from a spread sheet

    Consider Excel object (and operations under Excel group) if you are reading from Excel spreadsheet.