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6 years ago

Connecting to license manager behind a home router?


I’m having networking problems connecting testExecute to the License Manager. It’s a slightly strange set-up, but maybe somebody has experienced similar issues?


I work remotely from home and the company I work for is cloud-based, so we don’t have any physical servers I can install the License Manager on. TestExecute is installed on a cloud Windows V.M., and because the License Manager must be installed on a physical machine, I have installed it my home desktop (windows 10, where I also have TestComplete).


I cannot connect to the license manager from the cloud V.M (I have installed TestExecute on a second home machine and that connects to the L.M. ok). I can ping ok from cloud V.M to home desktop. I have temporarily disabled proxies and firewalls on both the home machine and cloud V.M, and disabled Anti-Virus on my home desktop.


From googling,  I understand there are two possible solutions – port-forwarding on my home router and/or VPN. I did try installing the free version of TunnelBear VPN on my home desktop, but that didn’t help.


I guess next I’ll try port-forwarding, but to be honest I’m a little nervous about messing around with my router setup.

Anybody have any suggestions?